Prohibited for transportation.

  1. 1.Cash including foreign currency, securities.

  2. 2.Jewelry, precious metals and stones.

  3. 3.Antiques.

  4. 4.Narcotics and psychotropic drugs, their analogues and precursors included in the list of the government decree of narcotic drugs subject to special control in accordance with the current legislation.

  5. 5.Firearms and parts thereof, ammunition.

  6. 6.Asbestos; flammable, highly flammable and explosive substances, radioactive substances and other dangerous departure from the relevant marking ( "non-flammable gases", "oxidant", "infectious substances", "pyrophoric substances," "poison," "radioactive substances", "dangerous substance when wet "," harmful substances "," toxic gas ").

  7. 7.Contents with liquid and gas (with the exception of empty contents with twisted or missing valve).

  8. 8.Car batteries, batteries for bikes and / g technology (except for empty batteries).

  9. 9.Pornographic material.

10. Animals (animal remains) and plants.

  1. 10. Perishable products, expired products, products not in original packaging.

  2. 11. Products transportation of which require special temperature conditions.

  3. 12. Other items that are prohibited by applicable legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

  4. 13. Shipments with bad smell, which can cause damage to other parcels, the health of people or animals.

Useful Info.

Non commercial personal imports to R.Moldova are exempted of import duties id their value plus transportation cost does not exceed 300EUR. If goods are purchased from on-line seller, this limit is 200EUR without transportation cost.


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